Birthday Twins

Email us at fun(at) sending us your name, country and date of birth. We will publish it here and later set up a calendar for you to keep track of the birthdays each month.

To minimize spam we are changing the symbol of @ to “(at)” in all of the emails listed bellow. To get in touch with a certain person, simply change it back to @.


1st January 1992, Chaya Cohen from USA, chayacohen92(at)

3rd January 1985, Minna Keronen from Finland, sah_rami(at)

3rd January 1980, Josh Cowan from the USA, jcowan1023(at)

6th January 1956, Belladonna Glaser from the USA, be_witched(at)

6th January 1970, Rhonda from VA, USA, rnewsomrn(at)

8th January 1960, Selina from New Zealand, steamedup(at)




9th January 1993, Martine from The Netherlands, muuk7(at)



15th January 1975, Biene from Germany, sunnybee75(at)

18th January 1959, Anne from Canada, holderg(at)

19th January 1987, Florencia from Buenos Aires, Argentina,miss-.-halfway(at)

20th January 1981, Melike Atci Gül from Turkey, turkspice(at)

23th January 1979, Maren Ylinen from Finland, mylinen(at)

24th January 1979, Laura Flad from USA, earthen_vessels24(at)

24th January 1972, Marie Hunter from Wales, UK piggindaftcow(at)

26th January 1979, Sarah from Janesville, Wisconsin (USA), digitalodonata(at)

26th January 1953, Denise from the USA, denisejo126(at)


2nd February      , Maria LV Herrschaft from USA, mlv0202(at)

3rd February 1992, Irene Salala, Kenya, crinssalala(at)

5th February 1991, Georgie Freestone, UK, g.efreestone(at)

13th February        , Latoya Warren, USA, shanes_sexy_baby(at)

14th February 1979, Rachael Gilliver, waking_the_dead(at)

15th February 1981, Robyn Levin from USA, SugarNSpice(at)

16th February 1985, Choi, Ji Hye from South Korea, choi.jihyee(at)

22nd February 1974, Anne-Britt Eide From Norway, annebritt(at)

23rd February 1963, Susan Campbell from USA, susanmarie8894(at)

24th February 1981, Guilia Aliberti from Lowell MA USA, carebearbluez(at)

25th February 1983, Shandi from Bloomington, Illinois USA, shanditabonita(at)


2nd March 1984,Tanya Riley from USA, tanyainjville(at)

2nd March 1991, Anggraeni Wulandari, Indonesia, x_sam_cool_keren(at)

6th March 1991, Andreja from Slovenia, rajko.simcic(at)

10th March 1952, Teresa from Kingston upon Hull (England), teresagoodall(at)

13th March 1989, Manuela Balocco, Italy, bamanu(at)

13th March 1988, Veronika Cordes, Germany, VroeScraps(at)googlemail(dot)com


14th March 1996, J. M. Kirrin, from Portugal, joaninha4-ever(at)

26th March 1980, Trisha Stevens from Sapulpa, OK, USA, militarystar918(at)

28th March 1962, Karen Yaughn from the USA, karen.penpals(at)

28th March 1987, Deirdre Langelaar from The Netherlands, deirdre775(at)


1st April, 1984, Natalie Roldan from USA, officeofnr(at)

4th April, 1980, Evi van Cauter from Belgium, evitaperonne(at)

6th April 1979, Shona Gladman from Australia, shonagladman(at)

7th April         ,Julie Ann Lee from Leicester, Uk,  julieannlee(at)

8th April 1980, Suzanne Horton from all over the US, veggie_librarian(at)

12th April 1976, Christine Griffiths, USA, cegriffs76(at)

15th April 1964,  Kris McMillin from River Rouge, MI (USA), caregvr1(at)

15th April 1980, Christina Gist, CA, USA ghostbustin.grrl(at)

19th April 1975, Monia from Italy, ziricoccola(at)

20th April 1986, Nadja from Brazil, saori_kido25(at)

22nd April 1986, Marina from Croatia, isollea(at)

23rd April 1974, Sui Knowles from New Zealand, suiknowles(at)

25th April 1965, Sue Burkitt, Indiana (USA), flatrockfilly(at)

25th April        , Samantha Taylor, England cristianosdevil(at)

26th April 1989, Lissa Keir, England, kawaii1989(at)

27th April 1986, Cathy Wienke, USA, cathydolphinlvr(at)

28th April 1973, Isabella, Italy, isabellabla(at)

30th April 1974, Kristel Nijs from Belgium, nijs_kristel(at)


1st May        , Keshia from Seattle, WA, USA, nursekeshia(at)

4th May 1981, Claudia C from USA, isntitbeachy(at)

4th May 1986, Kristin from USA, cottrill(at)

8th May 1983, Maja Jan from Slovenia, maja.jancar(at)

8th May 1986, Anne Lanto from Finland, annelanto(at)

10th May 1981, Lori Johnson from UK, lorraine.johnson1981(at)

10th May 1958, HippieChic, Louisiana, USA, globalpenpals.postcards(at)

21st May 1989, Samuel karanja ng’ang’a from Kenya,   samuelkaranja1(at)

23rd May 1950, Rebecca Surber from USA, joycerich15(at)

17th May 1976, Julie Emond from Canada, ashleybyanka(at)

24th May 1966, Lisa Smith from USA, Lasmith66(at)

25th May 1982, Special S. Gazmen from Philippines, pinkspaces(at)

26th May 1966, Ilse Smeulders, Belgium, massilse(at)


2nd June 1988, Kylie from Finland, manucrazy88(at)

2nd June 1973, Jennifer Sheremetta from USA, jennifer.sheremetta(at)

2nd June 1991, Thampatty Alampallil from India(thampz), thampatty_123(at)

4th June,        Jassz Storms from AK USA, ak_northwind(at)

5th June,1968 Diana from USA, dianafieldbrittain(at)

9th June 1975, Andrea Hogeweij from Hamburg, Germany, sophiaCrama(at)

10th June, 1988, Lindsay Wilson from UK, sweet_pea88(at)

10th June 1982, Ingrid Uanschou from Austria, ingrid.uanschou(at)

14th June 1988, Silvia from Germany, silviahauser(at)

16th June 1976, Cristy from Niagara Falls, New York, America, cristy.tackett(at)

20th June 1986, Marjolein Paping-Stoelinga, The Netherlands, marjoleinstoelinga(at)

20th June 1987, Nopi Vasileiadou from Greece nopivass(at)

21th June 1990, Ugne from Lithuania, oderis99(at)

22nd June 1941, Sally Harris from Canada, jodyspal(at)

24th June 1980, Toyah Coolican from North Wales(UK), aurora_astoria(at)


27th June 1979, Megan Rogers megan_rogers22(at)

30th June 1990, Vendula from Czech Republic, vendolisha(at)


5th July 1985, Erika Millares from Mexico, erika_ms85(at)

5th July 1984, Haidian Zi-Qaletaqa from Trinidad and Tobago july5th1984(at)

12th July 1979, Eshara Jan from Trinidad & Tobago, nijhara1(at)

12th July 1980, Leann Francis from USA, penpallingfool(at)

12th July 1989, Georgia Mystrioti, Greece, powerofthesun89(at)

16th July 1968, Cheryl from Canada, antc(at)

21st July 1989, Maria from Vigo (Spain), mary_vigo17(at)

22nd July 1947, Cecilia Wade-Doron from Anderson (CA, USA), dcdoron87(at)

25th July 1975, Katharina Nöhring, KathaLovesToSwap(at)

27th July 1991, Kendra Cantrell from USA, xolovekawaii(at)

27th July 1968, Julie Falkingham from Norwalk Connecticut USA, julie20003(at)


3rd August 1957, Caroline French from Australia,  cfr25868(at)

11th August 1963, Teresa Uriarte from USA, teresauriarte(at)

13th August 1958, Alice Fenerty from New Zealand, fenerty77(at)

13th August 1957, Nancy from USA, MrsRock999(at)

16th August 1973, Jocelyn from South Africa, cuckootree(at)

24th August 1974, Tonya Cassell from USA, tazzymania2001(at)

27th August 1981, Alisa Evers – van Eck, Netherlands, aevaneck(at)

29th August 1978, Jennifer from Mansfield, Ohio, USA, Asgusta(at)


4th September 1985, Brittany Ornelas from the United States, fleas15(at)

5th September 1984, Erick Wesong from Kenya, wesonga22(at)

9th September 1976, Kathy from Australia, kathygaul(at)


11th September, 1971, Michelle Campbell, USA, eshell86(at)

12th September 1970, Leah Warner, Canada, leahwarner.2009(at)

13th September 1984, Raia from Bulgaria, raiasandbook(at)

14th September 1987, Mina from Japan, love-sam(at)

15th September 1989, Rachael Radford from Nottingham, UK, r.radford(at)

16th September 1975, Shiloh Taclan from USA, hegel.shiloh(at)

18th September 1969, Heidi Sydney Australia, heidima(at)

21st September        , Sharon C. Bernath from Maryland USA, snailmailsharon26(at)

22nd September 1987, Ashley Wetherington, USA, tearsoftreason(at)

22nd September 1966, Yvette Bare, USA, yvettebare(at)

24th September 1970, Marika Berglund, Finland, marikamaria(at)

24th September 1972, Wendy from Australia, wendysutcliffe(at)

26th September 1978, Thea van der Velden, The Netherlands, gerard_thea(at)

30th September 1986, Dani from USA, bohemian.lechugita(at)

30th September 1982, Kristy from Canada, kfolland(at)


1st October 1993,  Joelle Aguas from Philippines, abbyaguas(at)

4th October 1989, Jemma Hodgson from UK, cloudy.limeade(at)

7th October 1982, Stephanie Shek from Hong Kong, sayuripierre(at)

12th October 1967, Sandra Daniels (USA), pearlywhitesmile(at)

13th October 1963, Cheryl Morris from USA, cherylsfriends63(at)

15th October 1978, Teresa Finney from USA, bambiners(at)

15th October 1983, Annelies Wouters, Belgium, annelies.tiebe(at)

18th October 1980, Courtney From the USA, familyblacksheep(at)

19th October 1955, Marilyn Marlene Miller, marlene159(at)

21st October 1985, Weronika from Poland, nikelessness(at)


21st October 1984 Lynsey Crawford England, UK, lynseycrawford84(at)

22nd October 1969, Katarina from Sweden, katarina.langdahl(at)

22nd October 1987, Kirsty from UK, tragictomatoes(at)

24th October 1978, Nora from the Netherlands, penpal.nora(at)

29th October 1970, Lucy from England, snow_owl(at)


3rd November 1979, Jenna Geissler from United States, jennarenae(at)

5th November 1970, Tanya from USA (California), diggy415(at)

5th November 1979, Elizabeth Thomas, Trinidad & Tobago, lizzyt55(at)

9th November 1998, Lauren from United Kingdom, lozzie78(at)

9th November 1979, Jennifer from Virginia , USA , es032309(at)

10th November 1971, Lisa from USA, immormino(at)

11th November 2008, Sandbook Net, info(at)

12th November 1975, Kerry Ellis-Ouimette, USA, kerrybear7(at)

18th November 1962, Susan Dyer from Waterfod Wisconsin(USA), susandyer1962(at)

19th November 1985, Rebecca Falz from Germany, rebecca.falz(at)

22nd November 1973, Maria Mourtsinoudi, Greece, mourmaraki(at)

26th November 1974, Sofie from Sweden, sofieb329(at)

27th November 1975, Deidre From Alberta Canada, deidredawn27(at)

29th November        ,  Mallika Karunatilleke from Sri Lanka, m_karunatilleke(at)


8th December 1958, Paula Spart from South Bend, Indiana, USA, paula.spart(at)

9th December 1995, Alex from Bulgaria, arislan(at)

16h December 1989, Sandra from Sweden,

16th December1980, Desiree from Jackson, MO, USA, dlabelle112(at)

16th December 1984, Jaswant Tan from Singapore, tjaswant(at)

18th December          Tracia Price, USA, traciap(at)

20th December 1985, Martina from Austria, Martina_J_(at)

22nd December 1972, Sandi from Germany, sandi1272(at)

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