They’ve all changed the face of blogging – but blogging’s also changed them.

Megan Amram Wants to Teach You How to Build a Biological Clock Out of a Potato

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"The answer for me was a science textbook, because it implies that women are so stupid that they don’t understand anything about the world." Read More »

The Top 10 Hottest Misogynists of ALL TIME

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Megan Amram's definitive guide to the sexiest sexists. Read More »

Keira Knightley on Her Accidental Anti-Photoshop Campaign

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"It wasn't a whole conceived thing." Read More »

40 Awkward Leonardo DiCaprio Faces to Love

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In honor of his fortieth birthday. Read More »

Woman Pretends to Be Drunk to See How Men React in New Social Experiment

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Whether it's real or completely fabricated, the video still serves an important purpose. Read More »

Madonna’s Wedding Dress Just Sold for a Ton of Money

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Cause we are living in a material world... Read More »

Benedict Cumberbatch Explains That Normal-Person Marriage Announcement

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Deep breaths, Cumberbitches. Read More »

Jennifer Lawrence Laughed Off a Wardrobe Malfunction Last Night

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She and Lorde thought it was HILARIOUS. Read More »

Ask E. Jean: Are You Food Shaming Your Co-Workers?

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Maintain office relationships and your weight Read More »

New Legislation Could Provide Emergency Contraception for Rape Victims

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An important new bill has hit the Senate floor. Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes