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mike11 wrote on 17. Apr. 2018 - 22:36
mike11 wrote on 16. Apr. 2018 - 15:25
GoldenTabs wrote on 6. Jan. 2018 - 08:07
Lana, Russia wrote on 20. Dez. 2017 - 20:33
Hello/I am an English teacher, my students aged 13-16 are interested to write to a foreign penpal and learn more about different traditions. The have already prepared beautiful letters and New Year postcards.
Shell QLD Australia wrote on 10. Dez. 2017 - 05:42
Looking for email pals worldwide to become good pals with. I like funny, happy people who laugh at life. Nature, photography, cooking, gardening.
Zsófi, Hungary wrote on 21. Feb. 2017 - 11:22
Hi, I'm a 20-year-old girl.I'd like to have e-mail pals from all over the world.I'm interested in any countries!Please write an email for me! :)
Christine, USA wrote on 8. Jul. 2016 - 08:16
Just here to make email pals, female only. Must be at least 18. I'm a mother and seem to stay busy. Email me and I'll tell you more about me :)
Hungary wrote on 3. Jul. 2016 - 14:22
Hey guys!

I am looking for a mate to exchange mails with, just to keep my English in an acceptable shape and make new acquaintances.

Since I'm 18 years old I'd love to talk to people around my age, but the gender really doesn't matter to me, so go on :)
Christine in USA wrote on 2. Jul. 2016 - 15:30
I'd love to snail mail or email female pals. I have a boyfriend and our baby boy. I'm a stay home mom that also studies again. I'm 28, born in Germany. My entire family and my boyfriend are all military veterans so I'm used to it. I'm in Texas and it is home. I enjoy so many things, I'd rather tell it all in an email or letter. I love making friends and long term friendship. I like so many hobbies but don't get to do many of them since I have a baby. I love to penpal and learn. If you would like to become my penpal and friend, don't hesitate to send me an email :)
Tanya/Russia wrote on 5. Mai. 2016 - 06:48
Hello there :)
I was born in USSR and live in Russia now. And I'm looking for those people who remember what USSR was )) I mean it's great if you are older then 30 yo )
I'd like writing emails, talking about everything, sending to each other postcards and maybe little presents, souvenirs from our countries, something that can surprise and make each other a bit happier :)
I'm looking for people from any countries but especially from Great Britain, Japan, India, Israel, Spain, Argentina, Singapore, New Zealand and Baltic countries! Because I'm very interested in their cultures, nature and people :)

What about me.. I'm female, I remember USSR, two Germanies and President Reagan in USA.. OK, I think you understand that I'm not a teenager )) But.. I'm a bit childish, I suppose.. Because I like many things that don't fit to serious adult persons.. ))
For example I like anime and I'm a big fan of LOTR and Harry Potter books and movies as well.
I'm a dolls collector and fond of asian boll-jointed dolls (ABJD lovers are welcome!!)
I love reading, adore North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
I can't travel a lot because I'm afraid of flying, but there are trains ;)) and sometimes I fly after all )) though it's not easy.. )
And yes, I love emoticons :D
I think we can become closer through emails and small nice paper pieces named postcards )
So I'm looking forward to your replies,
best wishes!
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